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Sky Saver

Can Save Lives!

No one expects the worse to happen but sometimes it does, with the SkySaver product if the worst does happen, this personal rescue device can save lives.
In todays society safety is everything, 334 people lost there lives during 2018 as a direct result of fire. We have teamed up with SkySaver to ensure that loss of life on such a scale never has to happen again.
These easy to use personal self-rescue devices can be used in almost any situation, from domestic to commercial. The specifications of this personal rescue device are impressive, not only does this product have the potential to save lives but also for some companies it will eradicate training costs. A single rescue unit can sustain a weight of 30-135KG,  rigorous testing means this unit will withstand Fire, Oil, Dust and both extreme heat and extreme cold. A constant speed of descent means you can descend 160 feet in less than 3 minutes.
In the domestic capacity these personal rescue devices are available as single units or family bundles.  There’s even a unit for a beloved pet.
Commercially this personal self-rescue device come into its own in industries such as, Wind Turbine and High-Level Crane operators, no training is needed as the rescue device is hands-free it can be used to evacuate personnel even if they are unconscious. Easy to use, fast controlled evacuation, No training required, Cost saving, Rigorously tested CE Approved Military grade technology.


Our work covers all off London


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