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Rope Access Contractors: High Level Access Specialists. Each job will have a site specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

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We have established ourselves as one of the UK's leading Rope Access companies and have remained at the forefront of our industry for over 20 years

Trusted Rope Access Contractors in London Providing Reliable Inspections, Surveys, and Rigging Services


Our service guarantee to customers is an absolute strict adherence to I.R.A.T.A guidelines (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association)

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Since its formation in 2001, CCS Rope Access Ltd has gained a wide range of experience in the industry, working in difficult locations throughout the UK. Our

When it comes to modern plumbing solutions, CCS Rope Access Ltd emerges as a standout choice, redefining innovation and effectiveness. Specializing in top-notch exterior plumbing solutions.


Whether dealing with cast iron or PVC, CCS Rope Access Ltd harnesses rope access techniques to deliver comprehensive plumbing solutions tailored to individual needs. From maintenance and repairs to installations, our expertise spans a wide spectrum of services.


CCS Rope Access Ltd takes immense pride in offering an extensive range of services that cater to various outdoor plumbing requirements. Their offerings encompass:

Guttering and Down Pipe System Services

Maintaining optimal drainage is imperative for safeguarding properties against water-related issues. Among the notable rope access companies in the UK, CCS Rope Access Ltd excels in installing and repairing guttering and down pipe systems. This ensures seamless water flow and preempts potential damage.

Precision Leak Inspections

Detecting leaks in hard-to-reach areas presents a challenge that requires expert solutions. As one of the premier rope access companies in London, CCS Rope Access Ltd train technicians proficient in meticulous leak inspections. Swiftly addressing potential issues is a cornerstone of our service.

Waste Pipe Services

Efficient waste management is pivotal for property functionality. CCS Rope Access Ltd possesses in-depth expertise in installing and repairing waste pipe systems. This guarantees effective waste disposal.

Vent Pipe and Soil Pipe Expertise

Adequate ventilation and proper drainage are integral to any plumbing system. Distinguished among rope access companies in the UK, CCS Rope Access Ltd specializes in installing and repairing vent and soil pipe systems, preserving plumbing integrity.

Down Pipe Solutions

Damaged down pipes can lead to water accumulation and structural deterioration, CCS Rope Access Ltd offers expert down pipe replacement and repair services, mitigating potential issues.

Reliable Water Pipe Services

Water pipes are essential for any property. As one of the leading rope access companies in London, CCS Rope Access Ltd excels in installing and repairing water pipe systems, ensuring a consistent water supply.

Seamless Pipes Alteration and Repair

Changing property layouts or addressing plumbing issues necessitates pipe alterations and repairs. The skilled team at CCS Rope Access Ltd, among the top rope access companies in the UK, handles these tasks seamlessly, minimizing disruptions.

Maintenance & Emergency Support

Regular maintenance is vital for averting plumbing emergencies. CCS Rope Access Ltd provides comprehensive maintenance services and swift emergency call-outs to mitigate plumbing crises.

Proficiency and Professionalism

Exterior plumbing requires precision and expertise, and CCS Rope Access Ltd is well-equipped to meet these demands. Deploying seasoned plumbers and IRATA-certified rope access technicians, they ensure professionalism and adherence to industry standards.


With years of experience, CCS Rope Access Ltd has cultivated an unmatched reputation. Our extensive portfolio includes a range of plumbing projects, underscoring our commitment to delivering premier exterior plumbing services.

Upholding Quality and Standards

CCS Rope Access Ltd maintains the highest standards in exterior plumbing. Our projects adhere rigorously to regulations and codes, ensuring efficient and compliant plumbing solutions. Our dedication to quality remains unparalleled.

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  • Thanks to you and your guys for an excellent job once again. Cheers Mike

    Skilled abseiler performing graffiti removal from a building's exterior walls

  • I would also like to thank you and the team for an excellent done and we would like to mention the guys on site were very professional and courteous at all times real credit to your business.

    Expert Rope Access Solutions for Building Inspections, Surveys, and Evaluations, Offering Valuable Insights and Recommendations


  • Thanks very much for a quick response and completing this work on time. Thanks Dylen

    Reliable Rope Access Company Providing Professional and Timely Services for Building Maintenance, Repairs, and Construction Projects