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Rope access painting services by CCS Ltd, - Internal and External painting

Rope Access Benefit


We have established our company as one of the UK's leading Rope Access contractors and have remained at the forefront of our industry for over many years.

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A strict adherence to IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is our service guarantee to customers.


  • Confined Space Work
  • Building repairs and maintenance.
  • Roof gutter repairs and cleaning.
  • Bird spikes.
  • Painting multicoated or touch up.
  • Glazing installation and cleaning.
  • Window and façade cleaning.
  • Sealant replacement.
  • Blasting and high pressure cleaning.
  • Signs and banner installation.
  • Abseil inspection and digital pictures.
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Building clean.
  • Digital photo.
  • Video survey.
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Vent and lift shafts.
  • Concrete Repair on bridges and high rise buildings.
  • Repair of historic buildings, and monuments.
  • Sealant Installation and Re-instatement.
  • Replacement Cladding.
  • Roller Brush Painting.
  • Glazing Inspection Replacement and Repair.
  • Services Repair Fitting and Maintenance.
  • Façade Survey, Coating, Inspection and Maintenance.
  • Re-Pointing.
  • External Pluming.
  • Erection of Banners.
  • Aerial photography.
  • Eye Bolt Testing - Installation.
  • Vegetation growth removal.
  • Installation of cable trays.
  • Stone Cleaning and Restoration.
  • Masts, Towers .


Rope Access Painting

Since 2001 CCS Rope Access Ltd has offered abseiling services with contracts throughout London and the South East of England whilst gaining a wide rang of experience in many industrys, including eye bolt testing, building cleaning, confined space, window cleaning contracts, inspection services ect, All whilst working in difficult locations. We specialize in ropeaccess and deliver safe‚ cost effective solutions to areas of difficult access, inspection, and maintenance problems. We service a broad rang of industries including construction. Through the selective application of our rope access qualified technicians we are able to truly improve turnaround time on any project and as a result save our clients a lot of time / money.

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What Our Client Says

  • Thanks to you and your guys for an excellent job once again. Cheers Mike

    Erection of Banners

  • Thanks very much for a quick response and completing this work on time. Dylen

    Aerial photography

  • Excellent job, will use again. Many thanks, David

    Vegetation growth removal